Strategic Advocates for Fatherhood Empowerment (SAFE)

In 2018, we found only three organizations in the District and f Columbia that helped minority men unable to afford family counsel. Those had limited hours and are generally overwhelmed. There’s a need for more.

Following the ethos- “we must be the change we seek.” SAFE started to help assert custodial agreements between parents. We encourage those in need of assistance and those interested in volunteering to complete the application below.

Families work better with both parents guiding children.

Pro bono representation for minority in New York and Washington, DC. Services that represent the under-represented.

Homeless Shelter Referral

GACED Homeless Shelter Assistance provides placement referrals to local residents. Public and private organizations are recommended along with contacts that will guide aid recipients every step of the way–at each respective location.

Stats about homelessness in urban communities–

60 percent of the homeless population lives in metropolitan areas

As of the last census, major cities experienced an increase (4 percent) in homelessness.

First Month’s Rent or Security Deposit

GACED Programs offer first month’s rent or security deposit assistance referrals to distressed area families. Promoting a service that has long been a cornerstone service of the church, apprentices link people to sympathetic organizations and agencies.

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