Project Funds Assistance

GACED Project Funds Assistance provides funding assistance to graduating apprentices. By routinely soliciting for project funding, the Program offers start up capital for projects developed in GACED.

Low-income Housing Crowd-Funding

RealtyTrust has partnered with GACED to acquire local real property.

  1. Contributors are registered on an online portal.
  2. Contribution is treated a share in housing slated for renovation and affordable housing.
  3. Contributors may only contribute $100.00
    1. Members become part owners of as many properties as they wish
    2. Allows community members to effectively regulate housing prices and keep the neighborhood affordable.
  4. Tenants sign contracts for upkeep and outfitting of property.

Emergency Housing

We are working to secure resources for center management, so those in transition may access all services Positivity Market provides.

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