Apprentice Incubator

RealtyTrust Apprentice Incubator Crowdfunding

Instead of occupying these “second homes” or investment properties, our program provides emergency stays and low-cost leasing options, and in return, the occupant is required to upkeep the property(learning ownership responsibility) until savings have been accrued to pay a down payment and eventually assume the mortgage of the home. 

Register with our online portal as an investor/contributor. Your contribution is treated as a share in an affordable housing property slated for renovation. Contributors may only contribute $100.00. Members become part owners of as many properties as they wish. Ultimately, this allows community members to effectively leverage low neighborhood housing prices and keep it affordable. Tenants sign contracts for upkeep and outfitting of property. Interested parties must request a contribution form by emailing

Positivity Indoor and Outdoor Services Renovation

Once apprentices are moved in, they operate under instruction to conduct renovation. Generally, this takes 90 days. Throughout this process, the property is gutted- removing outdated fixtures then installing new or refurbished appliances, landscaping etc.

RealtyTrust Sale to Community Stakeholder

Subsequent to property renovation, the property is listed with traditional real estate services such as MLS in addition to RealtyTrust Property Listing members of the respective community. This allows us to prioritizes resale to current residents, first time home buyers, and those with limited financial means.

Our mission is to build equity in low income communities while shifting ownership to residents.

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