Access Point Accounting

Personal Tax Consultation

Starting at $150.00. See your price upfront – get a free, no-obligation quote today.

Personal Taxes via TurboTax for US IRS
1-on-1 personal guidance from a tax professional.

For Profit Business Consultation

Federal and State Business Registration

New York and Washington, DC Area State Legitimization

– Affordable Housing Land Trust
– Articles of Incorporation for Stock Corporation
– Articles of Incorporation for Close Corporation
– Articles of Incorporation for Religious Corporation
*Articles of Incorporation for Tax-exempt Nonstock Corporation
– Articles of Organization for Limited Liability Company (LLC)
– Certificate of Limited Liability Partnership
– Trade Name Application
– Applications for Sole Proprietorship and/or General Partnership

– Filing and Certification Cover Memos
– Domestic Corporation
– Exempt Corporation
– Foreign Corporation
– Limited Partnership
– Articles of Organization for Limited Liability Company
– Limited Liability Partnership
– Partnership
– Limited Liability Limited Partnership
– Statutory Trust

Document and Form Cloud Conversion

We convert documents and forms onto the Google Cloud. From inventory to contracts, we make creation, tracking, and management–on-the-go easy.

Uploading or embedding onto your website provides a space to collect order, reservation, and appointment data automatically.

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