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Personal Tax Consultation

Starting at $150.00. See your price upfront – get a free, no-obligation quote today. Personal Taxes via TurboTax for US IRS
1-on-1 personal guidance from a tax professional.

Document and Form Cloud Conversion

We convert documents and forms onto the Google Cloud. From inventory to contracts, we make creation, tracking, and management–on-the-go easy.

Uploading or embedding onto your website provides a space to collect order, reservation, and appointment data automatically.

Business Consultation

Federal and State Business Registration

Affordable Housing Land Trusts
Articles of Incorporation for Stock Corporations
Articles of Incorporation for Close Corporation
Articles of Incorporation for Religious Corporations
*Articles of Incorporation for Tax-exempt Nonstock Corporations
Articles of Organization for Limited Liability Company (LLC)s
Certificate of Limited Liability Partnerships
Trade Name Applications
Applications for Sole Proprietorship and/or General Partnerships
Filing and Certification Cover Memos
Domestic Corporations
Exempt Corporations
Foreign Corporations
Limited Partnerships
Articles of Organization for Limited Liability Companies
Limited Liability Partnerships
Limited Liability Limited Partnerships
Statutory Trusts


Access Point specializes in providing expert grant writing services to organizations seeking funding for their projects and initiatives. Our team of experienced grant writers has a deep understanding of the grant application process and is skilled at crafting compelling narratives that align with grantmakers’ objectives. We work closely with clients to identify suitable grant opportunities, develop winning proposals, and ensure compliance with all application requirements.

Our services include:

Grant research to identify funding sources

Grant proposal writing and editing

Budget preparation and justification

Application review and submission assistance

Post-award grant management support

Whether you’re a nonprofit organization, a small business, or an educational institution, Access Point is dedicated to helping you secure the funding you need to achieve your goals. We are committed to delivering high-quality, customized grant writing solutions that increase your chances of success.

Contact us to learn how our grant writing services can support your organization’s mission.

Contract Sourcing

Our Contract Sourcing, Registration, and Bidding service is designed to streamline the procurement process, enabling organizations to efficiently source contracts, manage vendor registrations, and oversee bidding processes. This comprehensive solution caters to both public and private sector entities seeking to improve transparency, efficiency, and compliance in their procurement activities.

Vendor Network: Access a wide network of pre-qualified vendors and contractors, ensuring that you have a diverse pool of talent to choose from for your projects.

Automated Notifications: Receive automated alerts for upcoming contract opportunities, keeping you informed of the latest projects and procurement needs.

Contract Matchmaking: Our platform matches your organization’s needs with suitable vendors based on expertise, capacity, and experience.

Vendor Registration

Online Registration Portal: Vendors can register online, providing key information such as company details, certifications, and past project experience.

Compliance Checks: We perform thorough compliance checks to ensure vendors meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Centralized Database: Maintain a centralized database of registered vendors, allowing for easy search and retrieval of vendor information.

Bidding Management

RFP and RFQ Creation: Easily create and manage Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Quotations (RFQs) through our intuitive platform.

Bid Submission: Vendors can submit their bids electronically, reducing paperwork and streamlining the bidding process.

Bid Evaluation: Our platform offers tools for bid evaluation, enabling you to assess bids based on criteria such as cost, quality, and delivery timelines.

Award Notification: Notify winning bidders and provide feedback to unsuccessful bidders, fostering transparency and open communication.


Efficiency: Reduce manual processes and improve the speed and accuracy of procurement activities.

Transparency: Enhance transparency and accountability in contract sourcing and bidding processes.

Cost Savings: Minimize costs by enabling competitive bidding and reducing administrative overhead.

Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal procurement policies.

Data-Driven Decisions: Access comprehensive reports and analytics to make informed procurement decisions.

Why Choose Our Service?

With years of experience in procurement and contract management, we understand the challenges organizations face in sourcing, registering, and bidding for contracts. Our service is designed to address these challenges, offering a robust platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing processes. We are committed to helping you achieve your procurement goals while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

Contact us today to learn more about our Contract Sourcing, Registration, and Bidding service and how it can benefit your organization.


Volunteer in-person or virtually with a weekly or monthly school-year program, and/or support as a drop-in volunteer with summer and career readiness intensives or with our summer hackathon.

Explore available programs using the map below, and fill out the form to indicate which program you’re interested in volunteering with.

Thanks so much for your interest and we hope to see you around the Positivity Market-verse soon!

If none of the these options works for you, but you’d like to be kept in the loop for future opportunities, please indicate that on the form, and we’ll add you to our general outreach list

Explore available programs using this map, and fill out the form below to indicate which program you’re interested in volunteering with

Our highest-need programs are as follows…

Additional programs with limited volunteer slots are outlined on the form below and on this map. Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us!

Programs have begun, so once you’ve submitted your preferences above, a Positivity Market team member will invite you to a screening and get you onboarded ASAP so you can jump right in.

Questions? Email

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Internship Enrollment

Registration and Processing

Positivity Market leverages its cloud operation to recruit and train around the world. Our programs have been accessed from the Philippines to the Dominican Republic.

Intern processing is conducted under the Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship guidelines. This means we ask questions about necessary accommodation, then offer the facilitation of some, and referrals for that which we are unable to accommodate.

In addition to intern provider requirements, we enhance the intern experience with Orientation Feedback, Intern Time Sheet Tracking, Career Development, Coaching, Lesson Planning, Program Training and Grading, Satisfaction Survey Meetings, and Open Discussions.

All of this allows staff to orient each intern around positions that are responsible for tasks they enjoy. In addition, rationale and techniques that arise from reviews provides participants with insight that is often lost on meaningless assignments. In short, the work we assign interns is actually necessary, comes with real consequences, so discussion and guidance around those reinforce the value each takes away.

The “Lubna Khalid Excellent Intern” Job Offer
Lubna Khalid, Brooklyn Tech ’18

Candidates *ask (or show initiative about) specific questions that show advancement understanding.
Once understanding is demonstrated about the objectives that have been conveyed and how those will be applied to the system, staff interview is then considered subject to testing.

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