Michael Wynter was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He immigrated to New York City in 1986 with his mother and lived in low-income neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn until moving to Florida.

He is a graduate of Howard University (B. A. Political Science, ’09) and The Catholic University of America (M. S., Professional Studies, ’13). While a graduate student, he started Wynter Consultants, LLC then Positivity Mobile Detailing.

He now works to drive Positivity Market programs.

Position No. 2 Enterprise Management Level 2 – Team Leader

Maria Sachez is 26 years old and is from Venezuela. Sge is passionate about traveling. She has a high school diploma and has experience working in human resources for over 3 years now.

Maria has helped to coordinate hiring and training. As Position No. 2 Human Resource Manager, she is responsible for social media recruitment, fundraising, and event coordination.

Position No. 3 Level 1 Sales Associate

Gabriel Castro is from Venezuela and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Administration Sciences from UNITEC. He has worked in customer service for eight years, with AIESEC International then several local brands.

Gabriel manages Level 1 Phone Sales, which includes Senior Center Presentations, B2B Initial Contact, and Follow-up Solicitation.

EA Level 1 Position No. 5 Direct Sales Coordinator

Shaniqua Green is a Position No. 5 Direct Sales Coordinator in New York City. In that role, she leads Position No. 3 Phone Sales and conducts Direct Sales presentations.

Ms. Green is interested in advancing career in cyber security and aspires to write code.

EA Level 1 Position No. 4 Instruction Coordinator

Antoinette Dildy is a Position No. 4 Instruction Coordinator in New York City. In that role, she trains in-coming instructors. She teaches at centers in Area 1 (Bronx) and 2 (Manhattan).

Ms. Dildy has a Bachelors degree in psychology with minor sociology and early childhood development.

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