National Heroes

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New York City registration starts March 15, 2024.

Registration ends June 30.

Team recruitment is restricted by borough, which means members must reside in the county.

City-wide Championship Tournament 

Tournament play for each county for the county champion starts in October. City-wide championship will be decided by November 8.


New York City registration is scheduled for fall 2024.


New York City registration is scheduled for fall 2024.


Our programs and products are designed to educate minorities about their rich history and those like them who have accomplished, as a means to motivate and inspire.


We play to win! National Heroes Sports works to register kids and teens for Basketball, Football, and Soccer, organize youth into age-appropriate teams, coordinate coaching, and aid in fundraising for team equipment.

Our coaching program provides guidance on the “rules of the game” and includes character training, so each child encounters coaches who know the game of life.

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