Coding for Youth

Programming Courses for Kids Ages 8 – 14

Programmers use a primary language called human-readable language. This allows for logic to be used for instructional purposes. The “piler” or “script interpreter” then converts your language into ones and zeros that the computer can understand.
Devices only effectively understand one command, on and off, which is coded as 1 or 0. Different programming languages allow for this process to happen in different ways. Understanding what the program you are creating will do is essential in understanding which language should be used in order to create it.


C4Y Creative Process

Students are trained to approach application with a fundamental method: 1. App Interface Design, 2. App Mapping, 3. App Prototyping, 4. App Testing, 5. App Troubleshooting using “free, open-source” application decks: Android Studio, JetBrainIDE, and Kotlin.

Compiled and Scripting Language

Just like you can’t use QuickBooks to write documents (because it probably wouldn’t allow), you can’t use any program to create any software. Specific software is created by specific programs.

Students learn “Compiled” instructions that are used to convert into executable language. This is written in source code. The resulting set of of ones and zeros it produces performs effectively as an executable file.

“Scripting” instruction conditions must be written explicitly in logic, “if this, then that”, or “if that, then this” terms. That text can then be copied and pasted onto a web server (which must have installed the installer that functions to create the program you wish). With an installed interpreter that reads the code, you can gather results that it creates:


* Dash files
* Visual Basic scripts
* Java Scripts
* C+: Device Drivers
* Flash
* Graphic Design
* Visual basics
* Java

SDKs and APIs

As developers in training, students learn how to create spaces on platforms that can be developed further. This is often used to attract third-party customers to the originating site. So for example, a program can be created that automatically deposits post to Twitter on to a third party website.

Twitter, Facebook, along with many other applications provide API space so that users can feed content from multiple sources, and do so automatically. Ultimately, these programs prohibit app development in their respective platforms; however, they can be used the push and pull information to and from host sites.
API (Application Programming Interfaces)

SDK (software development kits) allow for development that caters to specific devices. These are provided by the vendor and are sometimes free but often sold. For Android the SDK is free. SDK also often come with special tools, such as Emulators (simulator devices that can be used to test coded functions).

Training can be the catalyst to programming professions:

* Basic Functioning Website Programmer
* Small Cluster Programmer
* Software Engineer

Annual Hackathon

The Coding for Youth Annual Hackathon starts on the second Monday in June until Friday at 5:00PM. Best of Competition Rankings are done by the following weekend. Awards and prizes are granted on the third Friday. 

Read more about our Annual Hackathon. Complete the registration form. Enter “NA” if the question does not apply. More instructions will come, once your application has been processed.

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