Position No. 5

Campaign Executive: WC: Direct Sales – $18.50 per hour; $37,000 USD annual earnings.

Campaign Executive: WC: Fundraising – $18.50 per hour; $37,000 USD annual earnings.

Campaign Executives present in-person. Assignments include senior centers, youth centers, and outreach to Transit Homeless:

Campaign Executives conduct direct sales and fundraising, in-person orientation has some event network components. Being that they do outreach, they must be the persons who take pictures of the events, who have a detailed understanding of how the appointments work, and how the events are supposed to be done, in accordance with the SOP that is tied to the task. 

Position No. 5 also conducts social media, in terms of Hootsuite to manage the social media accounts and any engagement of that as well . 

S/he also manages positivitymarketing.dsf@gmail.com, in terms of any questions that may be asked about the events, lessons, pop ups or presentations that we plan. 

WC: Corporate Trainer: Direct Sales – $22.50 per hour; $45,000 USD annual earnings.

Corporate Trainer: WC: Fundraising – $22.50 per hour; $45,000 USD annual earnings.

The sports program is subsequent to the team leader position, and on that point, s/he should have knowledge of each sport we organize, local teams, and be able to help recruit young people into the EA–using sports.

Assistant Manager – $27.50 per hour; $55,000 USD annual earnings.

Positivity Market Direct Fundraising Assistant Manager manage National Heroes Youth Sports, EA graduates services. AMs coordinate organizational engagement and direct campaigns related to educational and community based support funding.

Manager: Positivity Stock Market – $32.50 per hour; $65,000 USD annual earnings.

In terms of event coordination ,it’s going to be registration, and solicitations with permits and authorizations  to get events done and solicitations for participation of the folks / vendors that are involved in the events. 

Assistant Manager: WC: Fundraising – $35.00 per hour; $70,000 USD annual earnings.

WC: Assistant Manager: Direct Sales – $35.00 per hour; $70,000 USD annual earnings.

Position 5: Outreach Directors are responsible for the supervision of the following accounts: 


Social Media: 



Presentations, Lessons, Pop Ups, Networking 



Design and Dissemination:  

Social Media: 

Design and Print: Ads

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