Position No. 5

Presentations to senior centers and youth centers Outreach to Transit Homeless:

All of the SOPs that are the next level down, are going to be Enterprise Management Level 3 Team Leader is the subsequent position  in that role. 

Supervision in direct sales and fundraising, in-person orientation has some event network components. Being that they do outreach, they must be the persons who take pictures of the events, who have a detailed understanding of how the appointments work, and how the events are supposed to be done, in accordance with the SOP that is tied to the task. 

Position No. 5 also conducts social media, in terms of Hootsuite to manage the social media accounts and any engagement of that as well . 

S/he also manages positivitymarketing.dsf@gmail.com, in terms of any questions that may be asked about the events, lessons, pop ups or presentations that we plan. 

(1) Enterprise Management Level 3 – Team Leader – $22.50 per hour; $45,000 USD annual earnings.

The sports program is subsequent to the team leader position, and on that point, s/he should have knowledge of each sport we organize, local teams, and be able to help recruit young people into the EA–using sports.

(1) Development Coordinator – Sports Programs – $27.50 per hour; $55,000 USD annual earnings.

Then there are Positivity Market Development Coordinators, which are directly below Outreach Directors; they manage the EA graduates and their programs and the fundraising that goes along with that. 

(1) Development Coordinator – Positivity Stock Market – $32.50 per hour; $65,000 USD annual earnings.

In terms of event coordination ,it’s going to be registration,and solicitations with permits and authorizations  to get events done and solicitations for participation of the folks / vendors that are involved in the events. 

There’s a caveat with all the equipment and promotion  insolitation management. 

Position 5: Outreach Director – $35.00 per hour; $70,000 USD annual earnings.

Position 5: Outreach Directors are responsible for the supervision of the following accounts: 

  1. positivitymarketing.addissemination@gmail.com
    • Social Media: 
    • HootSuite 
  2. PositivityMarketing.DSF@gmail.com
    • Presentations, Lessons, Pop Ups, Networking 
  3. Deliverme@gmail.com 
  4. consciousapparel.printing@gmail.com
    1. Design and Dissemination:  
    1. Social Media: 
    2. Design and Print: Ads
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