Position No. 3

Telephone sales for various training projects:

(6) Entry Level Apprentices: Position 3: Sales Operator – $7.50 per hour; $15,000 USD base annual earnings. 

Fully staffed, we operate with six (6) entry level apprentices–assigned as Position 3 Sales Operators. The sales operators that we hire conduct data mining, entry, and solicitation.

Data entry is done from 8 o’ clock in the morning, generally, until 10 o’clock in the morning. Solicitation happens from 10 o’clock to 12 o’ clock. Appointments and Google Meet sessions, where we organize assignments that are required under rules that govern Position 3, come from the positivitymarketing.telephone@gmail.com Google Calendar.

Entry Level Apprentices: Position 3: Sales Operator are responsible for the supervision of the following accounts: 

  1. PositivityMarketing.Telephone@gmail.com:
  2. GlobalAfrican.Enrollment@gmail.com 
    • Recruitment: 
    • Positivity Centers Management (PCM)
    • Positivity Organization of Communities (POC)
    • Strategic Advocates for Fatherhood Empowerment (SAFE)
    • Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship (EA)
  3. consciousapparel.printing@gmail.com    
    • Design and Print: 
  4. jacubaluxury.destinations@gmail.com 
  5. jacubaluxury.products@gmail.com 
  6. publishingpositivity@gmail.com
  7. realtytrust.leasing@gmail.com    
  8. Campaigns that track EA: L1: WC Telephone Sales, from the enrollment account, in terms of  recruitment, are:
    • The Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship;
    • Positivity Centers Management;
    • Positivity Organization Communities;
    • Conscious Apparel Graphic Design program;
    • Jacuba Fitness and Destinations programs;
    • Positivity Publishing; as well as 
    • RealtyTrust Leasing and Property Management. 

(1) Enterprise Management Level 1 – Team Leader – $18.50 per hour; $36,500 USD annual earnings.

Enterprise Level 1 Team Leaders manage Position 3 apprentices.

(1) Enterprise Management Level 2 – Team Leader – $27.00 per hour; $54,000 USD annual earnings.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Contacting shelters for RealtyTrust clients
  • RealtyTrust client processing

(1) Development Coordinator – Social Media – $37.50 per hour; $75,000 USD annual earnings.

And then beyond that, there is going to be an Enterprise Management Level 2 Team Leader who manages apprentices in level 2. That work is mainly oriented around social media and online operations. 

Development Coordinator – Social Media also deal with design, destinations, publishing, leasing, specifically tasks that have to do with mailchimp, design and event coordination, social media management, responding and engaging with folks and social media.

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