Position No. 1

Sales (Drive goals) and accounting (negotiate Accounts Receivable):

AP Coordinator – $25.50 per hour; $51,000 USD annual earnings.

Supervision of the following accounts:

  1. AccessPoint.Accounting@gmail.com
  2. Program: AP: Accounts Receivable and Payable  
  3. Campaign: EA: L2: AP: Accounts Receivable and Payable
  4. WC CRT – 
  5. Campaign: GACED Budget 
  6. Data Entry from Bank of America account 
  7. Campaign: Positivity Market – Local
  8. Enrollment Log, Sales Planning and Evaluation 
  9. Payroll:
    • Contractor
    • Apprentice 
  10. Finally, Position No. 1 works with AP coordination of accounting; which includes;
    • account receivables
    • accounts payables. 

Position No. 1: City Manager – $47.50 per hour; $95,000 USD annual earnings.

City Expansion 

Position No. 1 City Managers coordinate customer services and directs the general budget for Positivity Market Local, which is the graduate program for the Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship, which includes approval of sales planning and sales evaluation. 

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