Safeguarding Communities with Entrepreneurship!

Community-based Partnerships

Global African Community Education Development works with the community in a variety of ways–bridging the gap between students, adults, and the elderly. SAFE helps fathers get back on their feet, so they can foster caring relationships with their children. Positivity Organization of Communities leverages our relationship with senior centers to identify issues challenging each area, working with residents to address problems they prioritize, then creating actions that bring those matters to the attention of representatives.

Technical Education

Global African provides community-based educational development programs for youth, young adults and seniors. Courses challenge students to apply skills to form a local business. Real world training using real world examples from actual customers.

Professional Development Assistance Partners

GACED Professional development assistance offers career and job counseling to high school students and adults. The program’s pilot currently operates in New York City Area–serving the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens.

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