Position No. 4

Teach at senior centers and youth centers:

(1) Training Coordinator – $27.50 per hour; $55,000 USD annual earnings.

Training  Coordinator is associated with Position No. 4  Enrollment & Careers Coordination. 

In that role, the Training  Coordinator develops our training, Google Form tests, lessons, staff protocols, and campaigns. 

This HR function is varied. This position must have a general knowledge of the Positivity Market programs, as well interpersonal skills to understand talent, hiring and training people. 

Position 4: Enrollment / Careers Director – $32.50 per hour; $65,000 USD annual earnings.

Position 4: Enrollment / Careers Director are responsible for the supervision of the following accounts: 

  1. GlobalAfrican.Enrollment@gmail.com 
    • Orientation, Enrollment, Lesson Planning and Training: 
  2. GlobalAfrican.Careers@gmail.com
    • PCM
    • POC
    • SAFE
    • EA 

Position No. 4 is the enrollment and careers director, and is responsible for the appointments and campaigns that governs those Campaigns.

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