Organization of Communities




The Positivity Organization of Communities (POC) was developed through Michael Wynter’s experiences as an organizer for both ecumenical and union organizations. In both cases, community partnership fostered business ownership and greater bonds among neighbors.


Pop Up: Positivity Organization of Communities: Grocery Store

Since the Positivity Market HR system is set to manage events when business picks up, we focus on recruitment: PM Process: 

– Registers minority businesses to PM TPC (link:, so we can follow up with each event new event we arrange;

– Assign each contractor interested in a table  to the area (Week 1: Area 1, etc.) we are working to put together that week;

– At least one Event is set up in each county, each week;

– Organize each event, so that they have accommodations for different types of goods, so we actually function like a grocery store.



Saturday Meetings

Saturday Neighborhood Meetings gather allow community member to share and plan how to resolve  issues at a grassroots level, primarily operating through faith-based communities. More will be posted as arrangements are made with churches, and ads are developed.



Power Up

In 2022 we will host the Positivity Market  Power Up Summer BBQ Series (annually June, July, Aug.), where folks can learn more while enjoying the company of each other.


POC Participant Registration 

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