Leave your products with us and we’ll pack and prep them for shipping! Full service deliverer for any size to any location.

Business Package Delivery Rate:
– Downtown – $15.50
– Northeast – $14.50
– Northwest – $15.00
– Southwest – $12.50 – $18.50
– Southeast – $15.85 – $22.00C

Catering Delivery

– Delivery Only: 10 percent of purchase amount: min. $100.00.

– Delivery + Service: 10 percent of purchase amount: min. $150.00.

Grocery Pick Up and Drop Off Service Rules

– Purchases under $100.00: 10 percent of purchase amount.
– Purchases greater than $100.00, due to large order added assembly time: minimum $15.00.

*Delivery Guaranteed Under Two Hours In The Bronx.

National Logistics

Schedule agreements with routine loads,

Schedule return trip loads.

5 min. weekly check in for driver scheduling.

Bi-weekly itineraries.

Fuel costs factored into your trip payment.

We expedite secure payments.



Volunteer in-person or virtually with a weekly or monthly school-year program, and/or support as a drop-in volunteer with summer and career readiness intensives or with our summer hackathon.

Explore available programs using the map below, and fill out the form to indicate which program you’re interested in volunteering with.

Thanks so much for your interest and we hope to see you around the Positivity Market-verse soon!

If none of the these options works for you, but you’d like to be kept in the loop for future opportunities, please indicate that on the form, and we’ll add you to our general outreach list

Explore available programs using this map, and fill out the form below to indicate which program you’re interested in volunteering with

Our highest-need programs are as follows…

Additional programs with limited volunteer slots are outlined on the form below and on this map. Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us!

Programs have begun, so once you’ve submitted your preferences above, a Positivity Market team member will invite you to a screening and get you onboarded ASAP so you can jump right in.

Questions? Email

Thanks again for your interest in volunteering! See you soon!


Registration and Processing

Positivity Market leverages its cloud operation to recruit and train around the world. Our programs have been accessed from the Philippines to the Dominican Republic.

Intern processing is conducted under the Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship guidelines. This means we ask questions about necessary accommodation, then offer the facilitation of some, and referrals for that which we are unable to accommodate.

In addition to intern provider requirements, we enhance the intern experience with Orientation Feedback, Intern Time Sheet Tracking, Career Development, Coaching, Lesson Planning, Program Training and Grading, Satisfaction Survey Meetings, and Open Discussions.

All of this allows staff to orient each intern around positions that are responsible for tasks they enjoy. In addition, rationale and techniques that arise from reviews provides participants with insight that is often lost on meaningless assignments. In short, the work we assign interns is actually necessary, comes with real consequences, so discussion and guidance around those reinforce the value each takes away.

The “Lubna Khalid Excellent Intern” Job Offer
Lubna Khalid, Brooklyn Tech ’18

Candidates *ask (or show initiative about) specific questions that show advancement understanding. Once understanding is demonstrated about the objectives that have been conveyed and how those will be applied to the system, staff interview is considered subject to testing.

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